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Early Stage 1 Learning From Home

Early Stage 1 Learning from home

It is just wonderful to have our students back with us onsite every day. The joyful approach to learning the little ones bring to school is always a delight and a motivation for young and old! We would like to celebrate the successes the children had while learning from home and to thank the parents for their patience and perseverance while working with their children. 

This is some of our learning - 

Dr Seuss week of rhyming
We had zalloons in balloons
willows on pillows
yogs on dogs
pandles on handles
mupboards in cupboards

We made Dr Seuss food and sat in our cubbies to listen to the teachers’ silly readings of Dr Seuss books.

We learned how to put in lots of detail to our pictures to enable us to write more interesting stories.

Our hands are now strong from our fine motor work. We made play-doh and used it for everything! Maths, hand strengthening, letter and number formation…Have you got any idea how much salt is in play- doh. Don’t eat it, it’s yuk!

Our artwork was beautiful. Inspired by the lovely autumn leaves we have in our gardens, we investigated the texture that can be seen in leaves and made pictures with them.

We collaged our face with things from the garden.

We constructed letters and practised the really hard letters of the alphabet. Even our parents can write better now!

We made toys that moved with a push or pull, we participated in fitness challenges, we explored 2D shapes, straight and curved lines, we made fabulous musical instruments, we learned about the meaning and history of everyone’s names and found out about important old objects that are part of our family heritage. Most importantly we listened to heaps and heaps of stories. We did so much learning we think we are ready for a holiday!! 

Thanks for looking at our work,
2020 Kindergarten children