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Term 3 Kindergarten Learning

Term 3 has been such a great term of learning for Kindergarten. 

We are enjoying stories that are read to us as well as now we are clever enough to read ourselves!
Our stories are fabulous, we can spell lots of words and for those tricky words, we streetttcchh out our sounds.

Numbers, weighing objects, working out halves, making 3D objects, adding and subtracting, measuring the capacity of objects - we've done it all this term in maths.

We have been watching the weather - it has been sunny for most of the term.

We have been learning to name the parts of our bodies.

And we have celebrated 100 days of Kindergarten. We had no idea how hard it was to stack 100 cups, or to do 100 exercises. We now feel very sorry for our old teachers because we saw what we will look like when we are 100 years old just like they are.

Sarah Allen
Assistant Principal ES1