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Learning Together in Stage 1

Term 3 has proven to be a busy one in Stage 1. We have captured just a few moments of what “Learning Together” looks like. 

Year 1 celebrated Education Week by creating a poster as a class. They drew pictures of the things they enjoy learning and what learning together looks like in their class. Many of the reasons why students enjoy learning is because they can do it with their friends.

Year 1 investigated many new concepts in mathematics including naming and sorting 2D shapes and 3D objects, finding the area of various objects around the classroom and developing their confidence in number with class number talks.

Students embarked on a journey around Australia using the book “Are We There Yet?” by Alison Lester. Not only are they learning about the wonderful places in our country, but also the amazing wildlife that can be found. Many children are sharing their connections with the special places they have visited.

Year 2 worked together to explore a range of different texts about animals. We were inspired by the Tawny Frogmouth living in the tree near the library and our writing adventure has continued. From sharks to pythons and koalas, Year 2 have become the next animal experts! We continue to explore books together and love sharing some of the funniest parts from the new books that we read.

Drama also provided students with an opportunity to use literature to explore characters’ feelings together. We used “Where the Wild Things Are” to mime. 

One of our most enjoyable topics in mathematics was working with the pan balance scales to calculate the mass of some our most beloved toys! We are using informal units and working together to become better at hefting and estimating the mass of different objects.

Together, in Science, students have grown grass seeds in different soils and locations around the classroom. We continue to learn more about places in Australia and have enjoyed listening to students share their favorite memories from special places around Australia during News. 

We can’t wait to share more learning in Term 4!

- Stage 1 Teachers