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Stage 1 Home Learning

Stage 1 Home Learning

Year 1 and Year 2 students have continued to learn from home with enthusiasm. The teachers are very proud of the effort the children (and parents) have made to continue learning beyond the classroom. Students in Stage 1 always have a growth mindset towards their learning and this has been strengthened with the challenges and successes they have had as they continue to learn to their best every day. We have missed seeing their smiling faces, but we are always reminded of them in their beautiful messages they send to us online.

Students read everyday and have loved sharing recordings of themselves with their favourite books from home. We have sustained access to a wealth of quality literature through online reading websites such as Epic and virtual reading sessions by the teachers. The children are working to extend their vocabulary and improve their fluency by being voracious readers. Jacqueline Z from 1B shows us that we can read anywhere in her wonderful poster!

Character descriptions and reading responses have helped students to expand their sentences in their writing. It has been so wonderful for teachers to still be able to provide feedback, and for the students to use the feedback to improve their writing. This writing piece from Rohan in 2BE shows how he used feedback from his previous writing to include paragraphs. Well done Rohan!

Oliver in 1C has also shown his thinking in his writing by justifying his thoughts. Students have used thinking routines to help structure their responses.

Maths learning has included many games, number tasks and outdoor learning experiences. Caden in 1B shows us how he used materials in the garden to make his numbers, I especially like the number 20! Year 2 students have used games to work with 3 digit numbers and place value.

In History this semester we have been learning about “The Past in the Present”. Students have been examining what remains in the school and local area as signs of the past. This term we learned about the Zig Zag Railway and many took the opportunity to find some of the historical sources left behind.

Students have put on their historian hats and posed questions to answer about the past. We have collected their “wonderings” and can’t wait to investigate these over the term.

Science and Technology for Stage 1 has focused on the different forms of energy. Last week, students learned about heat energy. The children conducted an experiment that looked at the best location for heat energy by using ice and timing how long it would take to melt. At the end of the experiment they concluded which location had the best heat energy.

Thank you to the parents for embracing the platform of seesaw for communication, connection and learning. We are looking forward to continuing the learning, and seeing all your smiling faces back in the classroom soon J

Donna Edwards
Stage 1 Assistant Principal