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Celebrating Education Week in Stage 2

Learning Together


4C created a replica zoom screen to celebrate how each student is able to collaborate and share ideas in any learning space, this highlights the ubiquitous learning environment we have in 4C and also in TWPS. 






Our class 4B used a puzzle picture of a snake to represent ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ from an Indigenous Dreamtime Story. The students carefully designed their individual sections of the snake with interesting colours and patterns. It certainly was a collaborative effort in putting the pieces back to together. 








3F love learning together everyday. On a beautiful sunny day we collaborated and shared what we love learning with our friends. We then traced our hands and wrote our answers on them and added them to the class sunflower. Learning is fun in 3F. 


In 3DZ we love learning together so we can improve our learning while enjoying the company of all our friends. We love to learn from each other because we have different ideas and strengths. We are a team!





3/4C created a poster which highlights how important learning together is in our classroom. Students wrote on their hand what is important to them about learning together and what is helpful to create success when we work together. 





3YT created self-portraits as unique and wonderful as each student in 3YT. The students in 3YT love to learn and share ideas together. 






This semester students in stage 2 are undertaking an inquiry into Australia. They are examining natural and human features of Australia and taking part in an exciting Amazing Race to explore the diverse characteristics of Australia’s neighbouring countries.  

Hugo has created a directed drawing of a whale as part of the literature study based on Are We There Yet? This book has been used to tune into students current understanding of Australia and also to demonstrate the road trip we are all going on as a class and a stage. 

As part of exploring Australian Icons students were inspired by Andy Warhol’s beautiful artistry and created their own Vegemite jars using pop art. 

As students explore Australia they are focusing on each state. Students are learning what each state is famous for, the natural and human features, the population, and icons. This has been explored through rich literature and creative arts. 

Keep an eye out for our travelling Stage 2 students as they use their passports to explore everything Australia and then our wonderful neighbours. I wonder what country they are going to visit next? 


Artists in the making in 4/6CK. Konnor and Sonny have been exploring colour as part of our art program. They are exploring the use of colour through looking at the colour wheel.

Nicole Dowd
Stage 2 Assistant Principal