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Stage 2 Online Learning

Stage 2 Online Learning

What a fantastic start to the Term Stage 2 have had. All the teachers are so very proud of each student and the learning they are completing. As a stage group we reflected yesterday, all the stage 2 teachers agreed that the learning has gone from strength to strength as students develop confidence, working independently, using seesaw and always trying their best as they complete learning tasks.

At the beginning of term 1 Year 4 focused on Imaginative writing. Below is a wonderful work sample from Niamh in 4C, she uses rich descriptive language and figurative language to describe what she saw in a short video of Shelley Beach in Manly. 

Word investigations has been a major focus for Year 4 as they begin to look at words. Sorting words is a problem solving process involving searching, comparing, analysing and contrasting words to form generalisations about words and their spelling. Below is Zach’s word sort, is it clear Zach is making decisions about words and finding out how words are connected.

Year 3 have been learning about persuasive writing and how important planning is. Rochelle from 3/4C has written her arguments both for and against the topic. This is the beginning of a great piece of writing.

History this semester has been very exciting as the students explore the History of Thornleigh and surrounding suburbs. In a seesaw activity the student’s had to do independent research about the meaning of names of our streets. You can see from Oliver’s response he has learned who Duffy Ave was named after.

Seesaw has been a wonderful way to share learning, stay in contact and continue to deliver rich, authentic lessons. Stay positive, keep smiling we are really enjoying watching you grow as learners each day.

Nicole Dowd

Stage 2 Assistant Principal