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Bobbin Head Excursion Term 4

Here is a student recount of the Year 5 excursion to Bobbin Head.


At the start of the exersion Thornleigh West Public School year 5 arrived at Bobbin Head. We were split into four groups of twenty and throughout the day we did four fun activities: Team Building challenges, Canoeing or Paddle Boarding, Watercolor Art  and a rainforest bushwalk.

I loved the team building challenges where we did a series of challenges to work on team building. My favorite challenge was a challenge where we needed to get from point A to point B without any of our team of five touching the ground. We got two planks of wood with string attached to it. I learnt from this game that a team is as strong as its weakest player.

Paddle Boarding was my favorite activity as I had never done Paddle Boarding before. In my group, 8 people did Paddle Boarding and 12 did two person Canoeing. Paddle boarding was very very fun and Canoeing also looked fun! Everyone had so much fun and I would recommend going there.

For the Watercolor Art we sat on rocks overlooking a beautiful  twisting river, Mangroves and Rocks. We got to paint anything natural we could see. I painted the river, mangroves and trees but some of my friends painted the plants and bushes as well. There was a large range of nature to draw and I could stay there for hours.

Our final activity was bushwalking and we walked through Mangroves and rainforest and ended at a creek. My favourite part was at the mangroves where they let us pick up the tiny crabs. I picked up one and it looked awesome. At the creek we got to put our feet in the water and it was cold yet refreshing.

Overall the day was so much fun and I think everyone enjoyed it including the teachers. Everyone was tired and exhausted at the end of the day but it was so much fun. I liked Bobbin Head so much that I want to go again as we got to do Team Building challenges, Canoeing or Paddle Boarding, Watercolor Art  and a rainforest bushwalk. Overall it was lots of fun for everyone and we had a great day!

By Matthew



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