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Kindergarten News Term 1

Starting kindergarten is such a special time for all children and their families. Our wonderful little learners have nearly done a whole term of Kindergarten, on Thursday that will be 44 days full of amazing learning experiences.

TWPS students are confident, capable and curious learners, they are enthusiastic to take part in all learning such as: 


Learning sound and letter relationships, high frequency words, reading in the library, borrowing books, and reading independently in class.


Learning about using their knowledge of words in reading to connect with writing. Students are using finger spaces, sounds they know when they say the word slowly and a full stop. 

Developing confidence SPEAKING in front of the class, in pairs and in small groups: 

When students are the focus student, photographer or reporter during investigations (and wear a special orange vest), they spend time speaking and reflecting in front of the whole class. During this time we have seen student confidence soar. They are also learning to cooperate, problem solve and learn together. Oral language is a huge focus during investigations as they talk with their peers, role play and communicate their learning.

All about my HISTORY: 

Learning about our names and what they mean.

Exploring different materials in SCIENCE: 

Students have been looking around the school at what objects are made of and looking at other items made of wood, plastic and metal.

Exploring numbers in MATHS: 

Students have been looking at numbers, how to write, recognise and order them. They have also been exploring length, look at how the boys have connected counting and length to measure this box!

Getting creative with buddies making our EASTER HATS:

You Can Do It! 

The students in Kindergarten have been engaging with the puppets which match our social emotional learning program You Can Do It! Young children learn an enormous amount about different social-emotional skills as they listen to the messages we communicate through the five hand puppets, Pete Persistence, Ricky Resilience, Oscar Organisation, Gabby Get Along and Connie Confidence.

In Term 2 we will be running a parent Master Class all about Investigations and the Walker Approach to learning. We look forward to sharing with you how the students in Kindergarten have benefited from this total approach to teaching and learning, that provides a unique balance between the children being active participants in their learning and explicit instruction. We look forward to welcoming you to show case our learning, a date will be shared during Term 2.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday break, we look forward to seeing everyone’s happy faces in Term 2.

The Kindergarten team, 2021.