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Stage 3 News Term 2

Stage 3 News 

The amazing stage 3 students have been engaging in a variety of meaningful learning tasks that have helped them to grow as learners. 

Year 5

This semester year 5 students have been learning all about Think Alouds. Think Alouds enable the teacher to orally model and describe their thinking whilst the students actively listen. This allows teachers to demonstrate how they monitor reading to improve their comprehension. The students are now utilising the Think Aloud strategies of asking questions and making inferences when they are reading. It is evident that they are building skills in slowing down their reading process and thinking more deeply about texts. The students have used these Think Alouds to build on their reading skills.

Year 6

Our year 6 students have been learning about the importance of being reflective learners who understand their strengths and development areas. The students thought carefully about creating a term 2 learning goal that would help them to achieve their personal best. The students discussed the importance of goals being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. The students thought carefully about the steps they were going to take to achieve their learning goal. They uploaded their goals onto Seesaw to share with their families which is an important part of forming home to school connections. This task was important for every student because being able to effectively set goals is an important part of their lifelong learning journey.


The year 6 students reflected on the significance of ANZAC day and brainstormed words to describe soldiers who fought for our country. Each class carried out shared readings of visual texts that helped them to reflect on the experiences of our soldiers. This helped them to think carefully about using powerful vocabulary to create a silhouette of soldiers. They used coloured paper to effectively create a sunset background for their soldiers.

We are looking forward to our stage 3 students continuing to engage in a variety of learning tasks and discussions that will further help them to achieve their personal best. 

Thank you,
Stage 3 team