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P&C - Social Media Policy

TWPS P&C enjoys a strong and open relationship with the school community and this extends into a cooperative approach to our communications with parents. We use our networks to pass on urgent school information and P&C announcements. Together, we focus on what parents want and try to create something to fill that need.
The P&C uses a multitude of media to communicate with parents. We have our own website via the school website, school newsletters, flyers sent home for key events, email, school stream and Facebook. We are committed to providing a safe & healthy environment for all members of the school community. This includes ensuring effective and positive communications in all mediums. 

Facebook has become the primary method for quick and timely communication with parent for organising our activities. The P&C uses our open, public Facebook page for providing information to parents with great success. In a school of over 600 students, we have over 600 followers on our posts. We use it for reminders of events, meetings, calls for volunteers, directing parents to information for the school (if applicable) must-know information about the services we offer (changes to the uniform shop, updates on canteen and so on). The school also relies on it from time to time for quick notices to parents.
For class parents / class pages we request that you use a seperate class closed Facebook group. These are easy to create and once set up, anyone in the group can see the conversations that are happening between members. Any Class group page should not include the word ‘TWPS’ or Thornleigh West Public School in its title. It may mislead any reader to believe the School moderates the page. Any person that belongs to that page should have a direct interest in that class (family/carer of student). All persons that join the group should be advised and understand the Social Media Policy & code of conduct of the group and by joining they agree and will adhere to both. 

It is expected that social media will be used for the purposes of building community and contributing to a positive dynamic amongst parents. We request that it is not used to ask for open discussion or opinions on teachers, classes, programs, students or school issues as this type of discussion can quickly get out of hand. This needs to be monitored by the Class Parent to provide a timely response. There can be serious ethical issues & legal liabilities that may arise from its misuse. 

Inclusivity and assuming good intent form the foundation of respectful conversations. Our interactions with other parents, teachers and students should reflect this. Should there be a conflict online, please refer to your class teacher, school office (if appropriate), AP, Deputy Principal and Principal or P&C President and remove the comments immediately.

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