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Environment Club

The Environment Club is a group of class representatives at TWPS. Mrs Barwell meets with the chosen students from each class every week to work on making our school more environmentally friendly and responsible for how we treat our Earth.


Waste Champions

Watch a video from Hornsby Council about our amazing Environment Club initiatives!

"The future is in good hands with Thornleigh West Public School students! These local ‘waste champions’ are so enthusiastic about waste and the environment that they have ‘green captains’ for each class and have formed an Environment Club to promote recycling. Their waste and recycling journey is well underway, with a school audit already completed and more to follow. Well done and congratulations to the students and teachers of Thornleigh West Public School!"


What is the Environment Club?

Here is a little bit about the club from 2020, written by Mrs Robinson and the students themselves.

What is the club?
This is a club where we encourage the school to become eco and environmentally friendly for a cleaner area in the future. We want to make permanent changes to our rubbish and environment systems in the school.

What do the captains do?
The Environmental Captains are representatives from each class that will help the school reduce, re-use, and recycle! We have begun planting kitchen gardens and a vertical garden with natives donated from the council. We promote ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ themes wherever we can. We help the environment become a better place to be in at school, in the hope that we at TWPS become life long supporters of global climate awareness.

Why do we need the club?
We need this club to help reduce the pollution in our school and raise awareness for it. Everyone should help with reducing our waste. It's as simple as putting your apple core in the compost instead of landfill waste. It also gives like minded children a chance to work together and grow our ideas into actions.

When do you meet?
Every Friday afternoon we discuss our ideas, and take action on them.

What has the club accomplished?
We have recently set up a vertical garden and planted seeds in the new wick watered garden beds near the bus stop. We are sending a petition to the council asking for a  soft plastic recycling system for our school. We have replaced packaging in the canteen with eco-friendlier sugar-cane products that are 100% decomposable. We have had learning programs from Recycled Garbage, to help us identify our rubbish issues. We have a battery bin in the front office ready to collect and dispose of our school communities batteries. We work together in peer groups to collaborative, communicate and be proactive about the environment of our world