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Class Parents


Being a Class Parent is an important role between the Class Teacher and families of your class group and the P&C. The role is specifically to pass on updates to your class, usually via Email or a Class Facebook page). It is a fun, rewarding and fantastic way to make friendships within the school community and also a great way to meet other families in your class at school. We do encourage at least 2 parents to take on this role to share the experience.


  • Create a Spreadsheet of contacts for the class - this is shared with the P&C so important P&C event/fundraising and other messages can be sent
  • Pass on messages from the teacher to families such as: reminders about notes to be handed in, looking for class helpers, reminders about excursions, whole school activities etc.
  • Class Parents may also organise out of school catch ups for parents or children at their discretion (ie/Parent dinner catch ups, end of term parties at the park, Class Christmas parties or get togethers etc)
  • A point of contact for the P&C when various whole school fundraising activities are being organised, such as, Spring Fair, Movie Nights, BBQs, Cake Stalls, Catering Days, Call for Volunteers etc.
  • Ensuring that the teacher should receive a cc of all correspondence that is sent via Email.
  • The P&C President & Committee will fully support Class Parents with any P&C requests


  • Being Class Parent means you are an ambassador for the class and school
  • Class Parents should promote the positive initiatives at the school.
  • Class Parents should ensure that the Social Media Policy is adhered to via any online Facebook groups that are created by the Class Group
  • The Class Parent role is only for the above mentioned purposes
  • The Class parent or any class Facebook page should not be a place to discuss or focus on issues / problems associated with students, class or school – please direct all issues and/or people to the class teacher, school executive or principal.
  • The class parent can not use the provided contact details for any non- school based contact
  • The class parent can not pass on contact details to any third parties.
  • Any contact information provided to the class parents is only to be used for the above mentioned purposes.
  • The Class parent can contact either the class teacher, school administration, school executive or P&C President to discuss an issue that they may need guidance or clarification on if they are unable determine an outcome.
  • All Class Parents must lodge a Working With Children Check number with the school office.

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